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New Year. New Food.

Vets, highly qualified, highly trained, and in high demand.

I’m sure we will all agree vets are amazing, they train for years to help save our pets lives, they have to know a lot about every kind of animal and every kind of illness they could ever suffer from. That in itself is incredible, and no wonder it takes so long to become one! But are we expecting to much from our veterinary professionals?

We all live in a culture where we are passing responsibility from ourselves onto our vets. Illness is deemed something out of our control, yet if we look into why our dogs are becoming sicker with each generation, we may find the answers to be down to us as pet owners, and nothing to do with our vets.

Diabetes in dogs is constantly rising, cancer is killing more dogs now than ever, and we all know about how obese or overweight dogs are becoming the norm. Surely, we can’t just keep placing the blame on vets, and expecting them to save our pets from diseases that have usually been developing over years due to poor nutrition.

I’m not trying to say we are all to blame, every dog owner I have ever met wants to do the best for their dog. They are part of the family and the thought of causing harm to them is something we all have nightmares about. But what if you were causing long term damage to your dog without even realising? And what if there was something you could do about it today?

All over the world commercially produced dog food is being sold, it is now a multi-billion-pound industry and forever growing. But this whole industry has been built on convenience. They take advantage of our naivety, trusting that we will believe what they put on the packaging without question, and millions of us do. I did for years! But do you actually know what is going into your dog food?

With all the research, studies, articles and terrifying stats about the increase in disease so readily available to us, surely its time we started to put our pet’s nutrition first, above convenience. All it takes is a quick google search and you will find out what kibble is doing to our dogs, and if you haven’t got time to research it yourself, trust me, I’ve done the research!

Kibble, all kibble, is made up of bulkers, either grains and cereals, or in your grain free diets normally carbs like sweet potato or pulses. Either way they are cheap bulkers. Even one of the known best kibbles, which is around £70 a bag (I’m not naming names) is packed full of green and red lentils, yellow peas, chickpeas, navy beans and pinto beans, then a load of vegetables and fruits which is a whole blog in itself! All these carbs are still unnecessary bulkers, full of natural sugars or turning into sugar when they aren’t being used, which they aren’t because dogs don’t need carbs! So these bulkers fill your dog up, possibly make them bloated, possibly make them hyper, maybe even cause skin conditions or itchiness, and all they do is poo them out. So that means you are paying for poo, and very expensive poo too.

It’s these useless grains, carbs and sugars that are causing all the terrible illnesses and diseases our dogs are suffering from. I’m not saying raw is going to rid us of cancer in dogs. But it will massively lower the chances of them getting it. It’s the sugar which is produced in the body when eating carbs, as well as the sugar they add into most kibble to make it palatable and appetising for dogs, that is causing diabetes in dogs. Dogs are built to eat a high meat diet, fresh raw meat, do you think dogs in the wild would get diabetes?

Vets are the only ones who can administer antibiotics and other drugs, carryout surgery, diagnose conditions and give short term, live saving treatment. We are extremely lucky that we have access to veterinary treatment 24/7 and should always include this as part of our pet’s health and well-being when needed. But let’s start asking ourselves what we can do to keep our pets healthier, living longer and maybe not having to go the vets as often.

If you have any questions, any at all please do not hesitate to ask. Message us, email us, call us, or pop in. All the staff at Raw Essentials are highly trained and knowledgeable and if they don’t know, they will find out! It is our passion to educate dog owners about the cruel and dangerous world of commercial processed dog food. So please, talk to us and help spread the word!

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1 Comment

Julia Rogers
Jan 19, 2019

Hi this is my absolutely gorgeous spoilt lab rocky , I can 100% agree with the above blog about vets , I am guilty of relying too much on their advice thinking when we had him almost 7 yrs ago the food they recommended was the best . For the 1st few yrs he suffered intermittently with what we thought was pulled muscles from a: chasing deer & b: struggling to get out of a lake ,after numerous visits to the vet where he was constantly doing what in yoga we call the down dog position, licking his lips & in obvious pain we were referred to a specialist vet thinking he’d need spinal surgery or similar only to be…

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